Interesting facts about most popular cities- New York map posters, facts about Berlin and many more

We live in an amazing world where something great and interesting happens all the time. Every morning we wake up and we do not know what this day will bring to us. Are we going to be successful or something bad will happen to us? Why do even think about all those things?  Probably no one wants to think about bad things that can happen to them during the day. So, I can offer you to remove these bad thoughts with these fun facts about most popular cities in the world. It is good to know something more than others and why not to share that knowledge with your friends and family?

That’s why we managed to get together some interesting facts about most popular cities in the world, to make your day better with good thoughts.  And we even have some interesting new york map posters to show you.

Even I did now know some things that are included in this list.  Every big city has its own history and events changes and every year new history is made so, new facts appear about everything.    On the internet, there are a lot of facts about New York and it’s hard to find the best and interesting ones.

For example, did you know that in 2018, New York City will open the worlds first underground park?  I sure did not know that.


And did you know that it took 7 long years and people from 5 different countries to finish the London Eye?  Offcourse you probably did not know that.

I hope you enjoy these facts and I hope they made you smile- if you want to read more facts and see very interesting and funny maps for each city then visit New York map posters with facts and other popular cities. In that article, there are such cities as Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Sydney and much much more.


new york map posters


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