Grafomap Compared With Competitors

Recently I ordered a custom map from Grafomap, and before I made the decision, I considered several of its competitors that offer similar services and some alternatives as well. I wanted to lay out the process I went through to give you an idea of what most companies offer in this area, and why I ultimately chose Grafomap custom maps.


Grafomap is a Latvia-based design company known for combining OpenStreetMap data with design filters that allow people to create colorful map posters of any place in the world. They send their prints from Riga, Latvia and from the Los Angeles in the United States

 Grafomap Posters

You can change the design for them and choose to zoom in or zoom out to customize them however you like.


Paper Posters 50×70 and 75×100 as Portrait or Landscape

Framed Posters with wood frame

Canvas 3D poster


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