Grafomap Compared With Competitors

Recently I ordered a custom map from Grafomap, and before I made the decision, I considered several of its competitors that offer similar services and some alternatives as well. I wanted to lay out the process I went through to give you an idea of what most companies offer in this area, and why I ultimately chose Grafomap custom maps.


Grafomap is a Latvia-based design company known for combining OpenStreetMap data with design filters that allow people to create colorful map posters of any place in the world. They send their prints from Riga, Latvia and from the Los Angeles in the United States

 Grafomap Posters

You can change the design for them and choose to zoom in or zoom out to customize them however you like.


Paper Posters 50×70 and 75×100 as Portrait or Landscape

Framed Posters with wood frame

Canvas 3D poster



50×70 poster costs 49€ + shipping

70×100 poster costs 68€+ shipping

You can also add a wood frame that will cost 109€

Grafomap offers 3D canvas posters that no one else offers. The cost for a 50×70 canvas poster is 119€



Mapiful’s services are very close toGrafomap. The Swedish-based company’s software allows you to create personalized maps with their editor and choose different colors.


Mapiful does not offer as many extra features as Grafomap, but, they are offering high-quality posters. One advantage is its offering of a smaller poster that Grafomap doesn’t have.


Paper Posters  30x40cm,50x70cm,70x100cm portrait and landscape

They are offering to buy wood poster hangers, but that is it. They do not offer framing or any other extra feature.


30x40cm poster costs 35€ + shipping

50x70cm poster costs 50€ + shipping

70x100cm poster costs 70€+ shipping

Mapiful does not offer framed posters. As mentioned, if you want a poster a wood frame, you would need to buy that separately from somewhere else.


Mujumaps is a bit different from both Grafomap and Mapiful, but its function remains the same: Tomake custom posters within a variety of sizes and colors.



Mujumaps offers EU Standard posters and US Standard posters — and both of them come in portrait and landscape format.


EU Standard- 50x70cm and 70x100cm

US Standard- 18×24 inch and 24×36 inch


They do not offer frames or hangers or other convenient accessories..


EU Standart 50×70 cm costs 50€ and the 70x100cm costs 70€

US Standart 18×24 inch and 24×26 inch costs the same 50€ and 70€

As mentioned, Mujumaps does not offer any accessories like frames or hangers.


Personally, I felt Grafomap was much more advanced, but one advantage for Mujumap is its FREE SHIPPING on any product.



The German-based company has the same structure as the others, but it offers a bit more than Mujumaps and Mapiful.


Mapify offers the two same services as the previous companies, but it also has something additional., Grafomap includes an option for a 3D canvas poster, But Mapify has a Panoramic poster that I haven’t seen from other custom map companies.


The only thing challenge with Mapify is that it offers only three color types for its maps. All other companies provide at least five.





  1. 50x70cm poster- 49€ + 8€ shipping
  2. 61x91cm poster- 59€ + 8€ shipping
  3. 70x100cm poster- 69€+8€ shipping



  1. 70x50cm poster- 49€ + 8€ shipping
  2. 91x61cm poster- 59€ + 8€ shipping
  3. 100x70cm poster- 69€+8€ shipping



  1. 150x50cm poster- 79€+8€ shipping
  2. 180x60cm poster- 89€+8€ shipping

Mapify offers a wide range of frames, both handmade from wood and standard aluminum. However, I would not recommend buying frames from them because the hand-made frames cost starting at a steep 99€ t. For example, if you would like to have the panoramic poster framed in a handmade wood frame, it would cost you additional 139€ in the cheapest version.


They offer cheaper standard frames, but those seem to be the low quality that can be damaged in shipping.

your own maps

YourOwnMaps was founded in San Francisco, California.  The business has printing partners located across the United States. Every product that is shipped out is custom made in the United States and hand-checked for absolute quality.



Your Own Maps do not offer a wide range of posters, but they are high-quality. This includes 11 color variations.


They have the standard custom posters, Portrait (12x18inch and 18x24inch) and Landscape with the same parameters.

Recently they added a new variation called “stars maps.” I have seen something like that on Etsy and other online stores, but for them, it is something new. This is an alternative to frequent Grafomap posters.


If you buy at least two maps, then international shipping is free. But if you do not, then 10$ for shipping.

Are you from  US or Canada? Then you can get free shipping even if you buy one poster.



  1. 12x18inch poster- 49$
  2. 18x24inch poster- 60$




  1. 12x18inch poster- 49$
  2. 18x24inch poster- 60$


Your Own Maps do not offer any accessories, including frames, so you would be looking on your own to frame the paper poster.


Customaps was founded in Montreal, Canada by two Frenchmen from Paris and Marseille. One would think this would be an impossible match considering the cities’ soccer rivals Yet, against all the odds, they have managed to combine their talents and create a visionary new concept in the awakening world of Maps



They have a wide range of posters to offer. You can create a standard map poster as in all previous companies, or you can choose something different.


You can shop satellite images, but those are not, and you cannot choose the place you want.

There is a possibility that you can order vintage maps, big world maps, and even state maps.

But I just needed a simple custom map from my hometown where I grew up, and that is it. I did not like the way how the simple map looked like from Customaps


Conclusion- Grafomap Is Better

So as you can see, they all are very different from each other, and at the same time, they have something in common.

But I chose Grafomap because it looks a lot better than any other map and it has the cheapest shipping, which is 7€. And this is a great gift idea for everyone. 

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