Maps That You Didn’t Know They Existed

Not all maps are made for finding your way somewhere in the foreign country. Some are made just to show statistics like where lives happiest people in the world, who smokes the most and so on. And some are made just for fun. So we will take a look at the top 5 interesting and funny maps that teachers didn’t teach you at school.

Vladimir Putin Stereotype Map

No explanation needed for this one.

Places Where Social Media Is Forbidden

If you are a social media junkie then these countries are not for you. You can use social media there, but it is forbidden and in North Korea, you can even get jail time for that.

Most Popular Website In Each Country

Google is dominating – oh, what a surprise, right?


Countries That Great Britain Never Invaded

Countries that are colored in white were never invaded by Great Britain.  They have conquered almost the whole world. But where are their greatness now, huh?

Who Is The Biggest Threat To World Peace? 

By the survey data,  people think that the United States of America is considered the biggest threat to world peace.  If Australia is colored in USA colors then they think that the USA is a threat. Before I saw this map, I thought that Americans consider Russia as the biggest threat.


So, are you surprised? Well, I was for sure – because some of these saw for the first time. Like I mentioned before – I thought that Americans think that Russia is the biggest threat to world peace, but I was wrong.

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